1. jannamorton:

    My friend Phoebe Wahl has convinced me to join her in an effort to draw one Harry Potter character every day until we run out…which basically means I’ll be drawing a Harry Potter character every day until I’m eligible to receive Social Security checks. This first #hpaday is Hedwig, of course.

    Tomorrow’s character’s name starts with an “L.” Can you guess who it is?

  2. blkdontcrack:

    Taking a quick break from throwing shade to share this sketch. **All of the black people in this video are older than Lorde**

    Burger Queen - watch more funny videos

  3. jannamorton:

    I made my first interlocking pattern design in order to enter this week’s beetle-themed contest on Spoonflower.com. If you have a moment, I’d really appreciate it if you would take the time to vote for my work here! I could really use those Spoondollars for making products this upcoming holiday season. Thanks!

  4. EVEN MORE pattern work in progress! It’s mostly done but I want to add way more beetles.

  5. More pattern progress

  6. Interlocking pattern work in progress!

  7. bloomsofnigeria:

    A flower for Deborah by Marina Kharkover. www.marinakharkover.com

  8. jimmymelon:


    Hi, you guys! Light Grey Art Lab has a show up in their gallery right nowThe show is called, “Stacks,” and it features zines made by 60 international artists, me included! My zine is a brief illustrated overview of the television, films, and music that made 1985 truly outrageous! To get a limited edition, signed copy (ONLY $12!!!), go to the LGAL shop.

    xoxo Jimmy Malone

    1985 Pocket Pop Culture Guide available for purchase in the
    shop! Jem, Back to the Future, and more!


  9. thebarkingghost:

    I’m really into Goosebumps if you couldn’t tell by my URL. So I made a Goosebumps fanzine and Goosebumps t-shirt for a friend. I can mail you a copy of the fanzine if you want one.

    So good!

  10. jannamorton:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HARRY! Here’s an oldie but a goodie, an illustration I did back in college of every. single. gift. Harry receives throughout the series. Of course the greatest gift of all is that time he got to snog Ginny for about 5 seconds before Ron burst in like a big ol’ douche. Good going, Ron.

  11. I finally got around to doing an illustrated round-up of my trip to #pdx . I’ll probably post it tomorrow or Wednesday, but here’s a peek!

  12. A peek at the tightly-packed bookshelf that carries most of my illustrated book collection.

  13. The birthday card I made for Dad this year.

  14. jannamorton:

    Merlin’s Beard! I sure am excited to share the zine I created for Light Grey Art Lab's Stacks exhibition, a collection of zines created to commemorate each of the past 30 years! I was given the year 2007, so my mind immediately went to Harry Potter (but then, whenever does it not?). It is timely that I’m sharing this with you today, because it was on this exact date in 2007 that the final Harry Potter book was released to eager wizards and muggles worldwide. 

    I considered approaching this, my first ever zine, in a number of ways. I wanted to make something that could be interactive in some way, so I came up with the idea of an activity book. It was fun to include little moments and details that weren’t included in the movies and to make the characters look the way I think they look based on the canon, rather than the movie version. I’m pretty sure both hardcore Pottheads and casual fans alike will have fun filling this out! I’ve included some of my favorite pages here and a gif that shows all the spreads. 

    This zine will be sold in person at Light Grey Art Lab and on Light Grey’s online shop starting August 1st. They’re a very limited edition so if you want one, get on it quick!